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Milestone: First PDS Cross Country Invitational

Such a joy to be out on the fields for the first ever PDS Cross-Country Invitational last Wednesday. It was a peerless Fall afternoon – perhaps a little warm for the runners but perfect for the rest of us. Congratulations […] 

Out and About

We had some glorious fall days last week (as well as some much-needed rain).  It was perfect weather for the soccer and cross-country teams. I took advantage of the sunshine to visit the lower school at recess. Plans were being made, […] 

“I am not a scientist”

I’m tired of the weasel-worded politicians who trot out “I am not a scientist” when asked a rational question that has the potential to challenge a deeply held, irrational, ignorant ideology. When the threat of  a shred of reality, logic, […] 

The Finns Are At It Again: Redesigning Education

Not content with sweeping the international testing stakes Finland is setting about radical school design and reform – again. And given some rather gloomy economic outlooks maybe not a moment too soon. Maybe they know that topping the PISA (Program for […] 

Outcomes and the Bloody Red Shrimp

Strategic plan outcomes can all seem rather formal and abstract until something like this leaps out and grabs your attention. This story is about a high school teacher, his students, their research and how they made a contribution to the […] 

Learning by Teaching

Students who teach others learn best The Protégé Effect For thousands of years, people have known that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. “While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher […] 

Astrobiology and Why I like Facebook

There are lots of reasons not to like Facebook and I respect all those many people for whom it is just not their cup of tea. But there is one thing that Facebook is really good for and for which, […] 

Mozart on Fire: The Ruben’s Tube UPDATE

Look at what happens when Mozart catches fire! What I love most about the video is their reactions. And the physics of course. The story of the experiment was first posted in February, 2010. Preston and Jake continued their research […] 

Lasting gifts: “The house will remember you.”

Sometimes you are awed by the company you keep. Poughkeepsie Day School is honored and inspired by its partnerships with two remarkable local organizations – The Queens Galley and Heart Street , both in Kingston. In Stone Soup and a […] 

High School Climate Report: More grim than glee

Bullying, violence, discrimination and the ethical climate of high school. Charles Blow wrote about what he termed the Private School Civility Gap in the OpEd pages of the NYTimes last Friday. He was drawing on the study issued last month […] 

We asked…they told: 100% feel safe in school

100% of PDS high school students agreed with all of these statements on the HSSSE : I  feel safe in this school I am treated fairly in this school There is at least one adult in this school who cares […] 

HSSSE 2: “The shape of these bubbles is oppressive.”

This is the second post reporting on the results of the survey we administered at PDS  last spring: The High School Survey of Student Engagement. The HSSSE has 34 main questions across key dimensions of school life and many are […] 

Tests that matter: Measuring the PDS Difference

We asked….They told. The High School Survey of Student Engagement (known as the Hessie) is a highly regarded survey measuring the academic, social, and emotional engagement of high school students across the United States. It is administered annually by the […] 

“Can we have a bake sale?”

“George, can we have a bake sale?” That was Wednesday last week, in the hallway, right at the start of school. And this afternoon we wired a check for $1124 to the Red Cross. It’s over a week now since […] 

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