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First they make you crazy. Then they sell you the cure: Be Mindful of Mindless Mindfulness

Coloring books for adults are apparently a big new craze. Amazon’s #1 bestseller in stress management/ self-help is a coloring book. And there are many to choose from with beguiling names like Calm and Balance and Enchanted Forest and Secret […] 

Enough with all the grigor

Grant Lichtman has just suggested a  bunch of words better than grit  And they all work. And now it’s time to take on the rigor.  Grit and rigor – sounds like a scouring powder or bathroom cleanser  rather than a prescription […] 

The Chronicles of Grit

I’ve been researching grit – the way one does on a snowy day. In the process I discovered an Australian newspaper archive with tens of thousand of instructive stories about grit and who has it. It seems grit frenzy has […] 

Operation Grit

I take comfort in knowing that I am not the only gritless wonder on the internet. Peter Gow has now confessed to being genetically lacking in the GQ (grit quotient) department. I think it must be this that sinks me […] 

Grit Hits the Fan

It’s a good word grit. It’s short, and it has the  good old English language virtue of getting right to the point. It also sets my teeth on edge. Why? Well for one, grit – it seems – has become […] 

What failure means these days

A recent Twitter chat included the following exchange with Mark Crotty, head of school at St John’s Episcopal in Dallas. Mark blogs at To Keep Things Whole and I am a frequent visitor. He used it in a post entitled: […] 

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