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The Great Unleaving: When Life Throws Rhubarb on your Custard

I left full-time employment at the end of June with a grand plan of doing nothing. After 45 years in education it seemed only reasonable. The send-off was great, people were kind and generous and the summer was ahead. I […] 

Perfect for the Fall: Tuscan Tomato Soup: Pappa al Pomodoro

It’s the first day of Fall and here’s the perfect dish – pappa al pomodoro. And it’s simple to make. Tomatoes are still abundant, tasty and fresh and the frost has not bitten the basil yet. While you are at it […] 

Time for Tomato Chutney

When it’s getting near the end of fresh tomato season and the freezer and shelves are full of sauces it’s time to think chutney. Lots of good recipes out there but my all-time favorite is adapted from the indispensable Madhur […] 

Summer Bounty: Three days, three markets

Blackberries clustered against the sky, heavy and dark as thunder, which we plucked and gobbled, hour after hour, lips purple, hands stained to the wrists. Cider With Rosie, Laurie Lee Three farmers’ markets in the last three days means a […] 

Tweet your Lunch

I check my Twitter feed first thing.  It’s an early morning routine that helps give me a quick scan of the world and of the edusphere in particular. Today, President Obama signed the Healthy, Hunger-free  Kids Act into  law. Child […] 

A lesson from the lunch-line: “Just try it”

First day of the new food service and a great lesson from the lower school lunch line. “I don’t eat salad.” “Just try it.”  

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