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Consumed by Hate

Imagine being so consumed with racial hatred that you travel all the way from Maryland specifically on a mission to kill black people. This is what seems to have happened last Monday night when Timothy Caughman suffered a brutal sword attack […] 

Two Cheers for Diversity and the Unfinished Work of America: Stronger Together

The NAIS Annual People Of Color Conference opens this week in Atlanta. It will draw independent educators from across the country. They will gather in groups small and large; renew friendships and make new connections; listen to speakers and attend, participate in, […] 

Racial Justice: Are we making any progress?

We celebrate  Martin Luther King’s birthday on Monday and that means a day off. It’s a recent habit to use a part of the weekend to read or re-read something he wrote and give it some thought. Seems the least […] 

Keep Your School All-American

Here’s some good advice from Superman worth sharing in these political times of divisive politics and inflammatory anti-immigration rhetoric. “…and remember, boys and girls, your school – like our country – is made up of Americans of many different races, […] 

What do we mean when we talk about Diversity?

Here for one way to start is Derrick Gay’s TEDx talk exploring the challenges of the word “diversity.”  

We Have Work To Do: Undoing Racism

This week began with a professional day for faculty and staff. Our theme was Identity, Privilege and Race provoked by the recent months of turmoil surrounding the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. There were readings, resources and a […] 

Confronting Stereotypes

“Messy, raucous, democratic India is growing fast, and now may partner up with the world’s richest democracy—America.” – Fareed Zakaria  Newsweek (March 6, 2006) I have never been to India but I have an active imagination and a mental map […] 

Cookie Cutter Kids: “Send us your winners…”

…and we’ll make winners out of them” There’s a good article in the latest edition of Independent School magazine that challenges some cherished notions of excellence and the hypocrisy of so many claims about diversity, equity and justice. It is […] 

Diversity Matters

Rather like how I’m quoted in Saturday’s  Poughkeepsie Journal “Diversity is a core value embodied in the school’s mission,” said Josie Holford, the head of the school. “Respect for diversity and openness to difference is a source of strength and […] 

Testing Madness on the Race to Nowhere

A colleague at a nearby school sent me this link to the NYTimes – just the latest bulletin from a world gone mad with narrow definitions of achievement and success. Test prep for pre-school no less. And a real moneymaker […] 

Many Minds, Many Voices, Many Stories

The history of Nigeria and African colonialism is not Chinua Achebe and Things Fall Apart; the Holocaust is not Anne Frank and The Diary;  Mumbai is not Slumdog Millionaire. Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist […] 

Many Minds: Differentiated teaching

Good introduction to Carol Tomlinson’s work on differentiated teaching – the theory that teachers can work to accommodate, support and build on students’ diverse learning needs – in this issue of Teacher magazine. Differentiated instruction is a term that is […] 

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