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The Reason Why: Digging into Cause and Effect

When it comes to school improvement – or the fine art of problem finding and solution seeking – it’s always best to try and get everyone involved in the process. It’s a way to develop co-ownership of the culture and […] 

Ride the Tiger: Design the Revolution

I’m looking forward to the NAIS Annual Conference- #naisac15 – this year – assuming of course that Boston can dig its way out of all the snow. The theme is appealing:  “Design the Revolution”.  It’s a slogan that manages to […] 

Digging Deeper with The Five Whys

I first tried “The Five Whys” in a faculty meeting. It was an attempt to try something new in tackling a thorny problem.  This is new territory for me so it’s all a bit of an experiment. I had another […] 

Design Thinking: See the Moose Through the Mist

How many designers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Does it have to be a light bulb? All those “why” questions to get at the root of the need or the problem are at the heart of systems/ design […] 

A School With Designs on the Future

What can you tell about a school in one visit when the kids are still on vacation? Well – quite a lot as it turns out. I had the opportunity this week to visit the Robert C. Parker School which […] 

What failure means these days

A recent Twitter chat included the following exchange with Mark Crotty, head of school at St John’s Episcopal in Dallas. Mark blogs at To Keep Things Whole and I am a frequent visitor. He used it in a post entitled: […] 

The MakeSTEAM Solution

I’ve been playing with making visuals for the design thinking process. Here’s the latest.  

It’s a MakeSTEAM world: Design Thinking on the Move

I’m just back from a fantastic three days at the NYSAIS STEAMCamp. Twitter: #steam13 So much to think about, so much to process and so many plans to make for the new year. Thank you to NYSAIS for hosting the […] 

Design Thinking: The Teapot and How to Brew the Best Cup of Tea

Design thinking – it’s everywhere in education. And that’s great because problems are everywhere and design thinking offers a way forward. It aligns with problem seeking, solution finding, empathy, integrative and interdisciplinary work, collaborative processes, open-ended thinking, revision and creative […] 

Learning by Doing: Think*Make*Improve

I’ve been playing with a new graphics tool – easel.ly – and this is my first effort. I took the slogan Think*Make*Improve from Sylvia Libow Martinez and Gary S. Stager’s invaluable new book Invent To Learn: Making, Tinkering, and Engineering in the Classroom. The result is […] 

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