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Loving Learning: Thank You Tom Little

Tom Little’s lifelong passion for progressive education emerged directly from his experience with its antithesis. I was six years old, and the youngest of six children, when I lost my father to cancer. On the day after his funeral, I […] 

Surprise! Deep Learning and Democracy

There’s solid evidence that American students do well when they are encouraged to think for themselves and expected to collaborate with one another. There’s a great Opinion piece by David L. Kirp* in the NY Times today: Make School a […] 

Learning to Live (then going home for tea)

“So the children of a democracy learn to take their place in the world of tomorrow.” The British Council has made its film collection public. What a wonderful gift. Take for example Learning to Live.  Made in 1941 it presents: […] 

The debts we owe: Jerome S. Bruner quoted in the PDS brochure for 1963-4


Cookie Cutter Kids: “Send us your winners…”

…and we’ll make winners out of them” There’s a good article in the latest edition of Independent School magazine that challenges some cherished notions of excellence and the hypocrisy of so many claims about diversity, equity and justice. It is […] 

Occupy Education: The Revolution Starts Now

As always, lots of good stuff in the latest edition of Independent School, the quarterly magazine from NAIS. And those who hold rather outdated notions of independent schools as universal staunch defenders of tradition and the home of the status […] 

Publish! And democratize learning.

Interesting post from The Innovative Educator: 21st Century Educators Don’t Say, “Hand It In.” They say, “Publish It! Read the post to hear what happened when she put out the word via Twitter and also to see her suggestions for […] 

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