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The Compass Point – Time to Re-Wire, Time to Re-Name

Those ever-attentive to such details may have noticed that this blog has a new title. Sort of. I started this blog when I became head of school. At that time I rather foolishly assumed that it would have a small […] 

Does Dance matter? Forward thinking and inspirational? Or misguided and simplistic?

Found this comic rendering of Ken Robinson’s ode to dance on the Internets. The words are from his 2006 TED talk How schools kill creativity – the most viewed TED talk ever. It tells the now familiar and commonplace story of the invention […] 

Creativity in the Classroom: The Commodore Amiga and PDS

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Commodore Amiga computer.  This is apparently the machine that introduced a whole new world of computer gaming for a generation of users. This is a cause of great celebration in the retro computing crowd. […] 

Why PDS? A Lower School Parent Writes …

If you’re thinking about Loving Learning and what all that emerging, integrated and experiential curriculum looks like in the real classroom here’s what a  fifth grade parent shared on her Facebook page. It is reproduced here with her permission: A […] 

How to be Creative

How to be Creative David Kelley: How to Build your Creative Confidence  

Creatives v. The Rest Of Us

I like the work of the RSA very much and enjoy their articles, posts and animations. But their continued use of the noun “creatives” is becoming wearing. Here’s the latest: Street based business training for young creatives When I hear or […] 

Lock-step learning is not (learning)

Award winning social studies teacher Ron Maggiano is leaving his job. And this is why: Our classrooms have become intellectual deserts where students are not allowed to use their imagination and their natural curiosity in order to learn new tasks […] 

“Not where the light is”: Schools and Creativity

There’s a really useful article in  Education Week that reviews, summarizes and connects the basic thinking and research out there on what helps promote creativity and helps children incubate the curiosity that leads to innovation, discovery and invention. There’s little […] 

A Modern Village School: Christmas 1944

Wonderful pictures of what looks like a creative classroom in a pre-Plowden primary school. Look at the desk arrangements. From the Imperial War Museum collection.  

The 21st Century Learner

This video from the MacArthur Foundation shows a variety of key and influential people discussing some of the new possibilities in learning, school design and the new opportunities for informal learning. It opens with John Seeley Brown “The most important […] 

Box? What box? Breaking the mind-forged manacles.

Probably the only two responses to constant change are to ignore it (shrink back, retrench, go off the grid, become irrelevant, turn inwards, stay put, get run over, and so on) or keep on keeping on with the learning life. […] 

Change and the Rear View Mirror

A home decorating project revealed this message from the former owner underneath the kitchen wallpaper. I quite liked the pattern actually but it was time to move on. Change in education is not as simple as stripping a wall but […] 

Connections: How good ideas happen to good minds

The coffee houses of the Enlightenment; the  Paris salons of Modernism  – two examples of the spaces conducive to innovation and new ideas. Here’s Steven Johnson on how good ideas happen to good minds and how they are incubated over […] 

Baby, bathwater, freshwater

Joe Bower teaches in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. And he is on a personal mission. His blog For the Love of Learning takes on the traditional model of education and challenges its assumptions and practices. His latest post is a […] 

The new literacy ladder. What rung are you on?

The world is moving at a tremendous rate. Going no one knows where. We must prepare our children, not for the world of the past. Not for our world. But for their world. The world of the future.  – John […] 

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