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The Lake Isle of Innisfree

Did you have a special place as a child? Perhaps somewhere secret and magical? A corner of a city park, a place in the garden, somewhere under the trees or behind the shed?  Do you have one now? For the […] 

Trouble with Math in a One-Room Country School

Not a very effective way to get children to love school and enjoy math. But looks like it was an excellent method for teaching subversion, resilience and resistance to authority. Good work Miss Moran. Trouble with Math in a One-Room […] 

Palermo: The Art of Learning

The Gallery of Modern Art is located inside the restored 15th century convent of Sant’Anna and has many works of art from the last 150 years. I always enjoy looking at depictions of schools and classrooms and I was very […] 

Light Blue Touch-Paper

Growing up in the UK in a certain era meant that you got to play with fireworks. I have no issue with the safety restrictions now in place but I am glad they came after my time. All the weeks […] 

The Folly of “College and Career Ready”

For those of you who concerned about our children’s future – and I would think that includes all of us – there was an interesting article in Fast Company magazine:  These are the Top Jobs for College Graduates in 2015. Apparently […] 

How well are our children?

By chance I discovered this wonderful document Growing Up in Ireland with its photographs of a lush green landscape and quick words. It led me to the website for the national longitudinal study of children. Started in 2007 it is  following the progress […] 

The Perils of EdSpeak: Play in Danger

As a follow-up to my post The Perils of Education I was preparing a piece on play.  My chief concern being that the word play – like the word progressive – is itself so plastic and open to so many […] 

Child Education Magazine – a window on the past

On my recent visit to England I came across a small trove of Child Education magazines (published by Evans Brothers Ltd. of Russell Square, London) from the early 1960’s. They had belonged to my mother – a regular subscriber – […] 

The Graphic Advice of Wendy Mogel

I loved the addition of graphic artists at this year’s NAIS Annual Conference. It was a marvel to watch them work and then see the finished product – huge poster board representations of the words of the main speakers. Here […] 

“Knowledge not purchased by the loss of power!”

Children: How will they ever know who they are? The question is the last line of  “The Things we Steal from Children” by Dr. John Edwards. You can read the whole below. I found it via Leading and Learning – […] 

Childhood Is Another Country: Children Are Not Miniature Adults

Childhood is another country: they do things differently there.* Great researchers and thinkers about education (think Froebel, Piaget, Vygotsky and so many others) have always known that children are not miniature adults. Their work demonstrates basic truths about childhood development: […] 

Childhood has Changed: Playtime is Over

Here’s an article to read by David Elkind in the NYTimes Playtime is Over It’s an important topic. It’s an interesting article. And it’s one well worth reading and talking about. There is one piece though, that I have to […] 

“I know you are into technology …”

Well – yes – I suppose I am, and I always have been. As I child I haunted the school library and, while I didn’t quite read every book, I was certainly familiar with every shelf. I had a town […] 

State of Play

So the debate on the purpose of play in early childhood simmers on. It popped up on my Facebook page yesterday with this from the ASCD: Play is problem solving That then led me to the The Playtime’s the Thing […] 

Testing Madness on the Race to Nowhere

A colleague at a nearby school sent me this link to the NYTimes – just the latest bulletin from a world gone mad with narrow definitions of achievement and success. Test prep for pre-school no less. And a real moneymaker […] 

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