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Time to Make it Happen

I did not attend the NAIS Annual Conference this year – first time for many years – so I don’t have any takeaways to report like Grant Lichtman. But I was in Baltimore for an ICG (Independent Curriculum Group) board […] 

In medicine and education: “The secret of quality is love”

“The secret of quality is love,” Avedis Donabedian, a professor at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health, expert in the field of quality measurement. That’s a rather remarkable statement from a scientist whose expertise was accountability measures and […] 

Tests: “Is that all that matters to grown-ups?”

 Test-weary second-grader asks school board: ‘Is that all that matters to grown-ups?’ Elitist parents threaten lawsuit after kids are called out for alleged test prep Two news stories from test-world: The first from The Washington Post reports the testimony of a […] 

How to Read a Report Card

PDS student reports are not just a list of untethered numbers and letters  but rather in-depth narratives that convey detailed and helpful information about emerging  strengths, accomplishments, challenges, growth and progress. They are part of the on-going conversation between school […] 

Tests that matter: Measuring the PDS Difference

We asked….They told. The High School Survey of Student Engagement (known as the Hessie) is a highly regarded survey measuring the academic, social, and emotional engagement of high school students across the United States. It is administered annually by the […] 

Susan Engel on testing tests

From the NYTimes Scientifically tested tests …there are few indications that the multiple-choice format of a typical test, in which students are quizzed on the specific formulas and bits of information they have memorized that year, actually measures what we […] 

The Carrot and the Cattleprod

Many years ago I wrote an article with the title The Carrot and the Cattleprod.  It’s so long ago that although I wrote it on a word processor I no longer have an electronic copy.  It’s buried and yellowing deep […] 

Give Joy a Chance: An 11-Step Program

It’s the 21st century. So what happens when we shut children down and disconnect them from wonder, creativity, curiosity and natural love of learning? The disengagement that is epidemic in high school starts much earlier. And if we actually believe […] 

Testing: There are Better Ways to Identify Gifted and Talented Students

It’s testing season and here’s a timely reminder that traditional testing for ability is not the last word in thinking about what makes for success. This is from a May edition of Education Week Robert J. Sternberg often writes about […] 

Heard on the Hustings

“You don’t make a hog fatter by weighing it.” Everyone went to school and that makes everyone an expert on education. And of course, truth is, education must be everyone’s business. Our future depends on it. And apparently the hot […] 

Change Again

Within the past 50 years, we’ve seen our country move from an industrial economy to an information-based economy. Now, early in the 21st century, it appears we are shifting to an innovation-based economy, one that requires what the psychologist Robert […] 

NCLB: Another Perspective

Last night in his State of the Union address President Bush outlined proposals to extend the NCLB (“No Child Left Behind”) law. These ideas are outlined in this White House policy memo. There has been a growing chorus of concern […] 

The Passionate Learner: Part Three

The Climate for Learning A follow-up to Passionate Learning Part 1 and Part 2 Stained Glass Dr. Robert L. Fried is a leading American educator and teacher of teachers. He is an advocate for passionate learning and passionate teaching. Rob […] 

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