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A Darkling Year or Joy Illimited.

BBC’s Radio 4 first tweet for 2014 was a thrush with a bright blue sky background and a quotation from The Darkling Thrush – a poem that Thomas Hardy dated December 31st, 1900. It’s all rather grim and gloomy. The […] 

Season’s Greetings

Behind the scenes at the museum. This is magical. Watch it.  

Design Thinking: See the Moose Through the Mist

How many designers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: Does it have to be a light bulb? All those “why” questions to get at the root of the need or the problem are at the heart of systems/ design […] 

A School With Designs on the Future

What can you tell about a school in one visit when the kids are still on vacation? Well – quite a lot as it turns out. I had the opportunity this week to visit the Robert C. Parker School which […] 

Let the handwringing stop. The US is not number one and that’s OK.

The latest Program for International Assessment (Pisa) results are out and that means another round of handwringing, lamentation, self-flagellation, finger pointing and all that other good stuff. Basic summary: Shanghai tops the overall ranking with Singapore and Hong Kong coming […] 

Nine Commitments and One New Tool

I’ve recently discovered Haiku Deck – a new way to create slide presentations. It’s an interesting tool for finding images that are in the public domain and matched with the words you enter. You can also upload your own images. […] 

Necessary Heroes

“The necessary supply of heroes must be maintained at all costs.” (Siegfried Sassoon 24 February. 1917, quoting Sir Edward Carson in a speech in Dublin. I have been unable to confirm the details of that speech.) Each night at 8 […] 

The Poughkeepsie Journal Scary Stories Competition Winner


Insult and Injury

by Charley-Chartwell. Always useful to have some Shakespearean insults on hand. From – Visually.  

Toot your Trumpet: the NAIS Inspiration Lab

So easy to toot your own horn these days. The harder thing is to cut through the cacophony and have others hear the tuneful joyful noise! I’m enjoying the new Inspiration Lab from NAIS designed to allow member schools to highlight […] 

Notes toward a definition of leadership

Yesterday PDS faculty received an email from a colleague outlining a plan for the use, care and maintenance of one of our new makerspaces. She is one of two teachers who have a created a whole scheme to ensure the […] 

It’s a MakeSTEAM world: Design Thinking on the Move

I’m just back from a fantastic three days at the NYSAIS STEAMCamp. Twitter: #steam13 So much to think about, so much to process and so many plans to make for the new year. Thank you to NYSAIS for hosting the […] 

Embrace, Unplug, Reboot: The Technology Learning Cycle


Lock-step learning is not (learning)

Award winning social studies teacher Ron Maggiano is leaving his job. And this is why: Our classrooms have become intellectual deserts where students are not allowed to use their imagination and their natural curiosity in order to learn new tasks […] 

Bouncing Back and the Seven C’s

Here’s a book that looks useful: Building Resilience in Children and Teens Strategies to help kids from 18 months to 18 years build seven crucial “Cs” — competence, confidence, connection, character, contribution, coping, and control — so they can bounce […] 

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