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“Not where the light is”: Schools and Creativity

There’s a really useful article in  Education Week that reviews, summarizes and connects the basic thinking and research out there on what helps promote creativity and helps children incubate the curiosity that leads to innovation, discovery and invention. There’s little […] 

The debts we owe: Jerome S. Bruner quoted in the PDS brochure for 1963-4


A Modern Village School: Christmas 1944

Wonderful pictures of what looks like a creative classroom in a pre-Plowden primary school. Look at the desk arrangements. From the Imperial War Museum collection.  

A is for…A Poughkeepsie Day School Lexicon

A is for Algebra, Anthropology, Arts and Athletics. We teach them all. People often refer to the STEM curriculum (It’s an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math). Our program however, is fully SEARCHED (Science, Engineering, Arts, Recess, Community Service, Humanities, […] 

Learning by Teaching

Students who teach others learn best The Protégé Effect For thousands of years, people have known that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else. “While we teach, we learn,” said the Roman philosopher […] 

After the Storm….

I just tried to take a look at Central Hudson’s Storm Central page and in particular the Outage Map. But it seems our utility company is down and out right now. I was hoping to see all the triangles gone […] 

More Failing, Fewer Failures, Greater Success

The November Educational Leadership is devoted to the topic of grading. It includes an article by Alfie Kohn an expanded version of which you can read here: The Case Against Grades. I’ve given grades. For years I worried about how […] 

All this change ….

For adults like me who work in schools September means being confronted with a world of change.  There are new faces of course, and names to learn. There are new courses, fresh paint on the walls and sometimes new structures […] 


We have a new lobby in one of our buildings – the Elizabeth C. Gilkeson Center – and  as you can see from these two pictures it’s quite stunning. This is the first place most visitors see and it’s where […] 

Blotting your copybook

That tweet from Gary Stager reminded me of this scene: Blotting your copybook used to be more than a figure of speech. It was, for some, a frightening everyday reality of life in school. This scene fromThe 400 Blows (Les […] 

Class size and classrooms: What’s best for learners?

What size should classes be? Anyone who has a definitive answer probably has probably bubbled in the answers to all life’s big questions. NAIS president Pat Bassett weighed in with good remarks – including the observation that what makes the […] 

Collaboration by difference…Distraction is your friend

I’ve been reading about Cathy Davidson’s Now You See It: How the Brain Science of Attention Will Transform the Way We Live, Work, and Learn (Viking) so I was disappointed to find out I have to wait for the August […] 

Life in School: Two Short Videos

Greek Festival Student Talent Show March 2011  

How Change Happens: The Leopards Break Into The Temple

If you’ve ever been confronted by a dose of TTWWHADI (that’s the way we have always done it) or been reproached with the saying “That’s not the way we do things here,” “That’s not our way”… If you have ever […] 

Digital Future Forum: Technology, Social Media and The Impact on Learning

Last night’s forum was a discussion of digital technology and social media and their impact on learning and education. Thank you parents, students and faculty for joining the discussion. There’s lots more learning and thinking to do and I look […] 

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