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Born to help

Turns out that we may be hard wired to co-operate and help out. And this behavior occurs in children before, and in the absence of, specific training and in babies as early as  twelve months. Biologists are concluding that even […] 

Tradition and change

From the Poughkeepsie New Yorker (Over 78,000 Read-Round-the-Clock 35 Cents Weekly) December 1941 came this news item about Poughkeepsie Day School. It was the annual Christmas Festival “with many of the school’s alumni present, as well as parents and friends.” […] 

Education Off The Rails: Standards Train Wreck

In Teaching in a Knowledge Society Andy Hargreaves has a cautionary tale – Education off the Rails –  about the effects of applied performance standards that push people all too easily into quick fixes rather than sustainable improvement. His analogy […] 

When it comes to technology and change: Are you Toad, Mole, or Rat?

When a new technology comes along and knocks you off the old one – in this case a motor car and a canary-colored horse-drawn cart – are you more of a Toad, Mole or Rat? ‘Glorious, stirring sight!’ murmured Toad, […] 

Guy Claxton on Education for Lifetime Learning

What’s the point of school?  

A Day in the Life of the Internet

Created by Online Education  

Mission and The Builders Manifesto

“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery There’s good provocative thinking […] 

Ken Robinson 2009

“Our children, every day, come to school and spread their dreams at our feet. We should tread softly.”  Ken Robinson.  

Dangerous Praise

Good reminder about how not to praise from Stephen Currie in a recent post to the PDS Math Guy Blog. It’s all to do with the effort effect and how to talk to kids about their work. Researcher Carol Dweck’s […] 

You Want To Change Behavior? Make It Fun

Education is all about change. And fun makes it so much more effective. Here’s a great example from Stockholm – sent to me by a parent.  

With the Guns

With school closed for the day there was time for a walk. Buttercup Farm Sanctuary off Route 82 just north of Stanfordville has one path that tracks along Wappingers Creek as it runs down from the head waters at Thompson […] 

“I deserve it, you don’t”: Marshmallows and crime

Deferred gratification – that ability to work for something now at the expense of immediate reward in order to receive a greater reward later – has long been a social staple of the middle class. Work hard in school,earn a […] 

Student Conflict Resolution: The 30 second solution

“I want the bike,” “No. You can’t have it.” A problem negotiated and solved. Friendship maintained, feelings expressed and managed, resource shared, compromise reached, peace maintained, fairness asserted, inequality addressed and crisis averted. All in less than thirty seconds. I […] 

Scarlet Women


Go PDS …? The Search for a Name for our Teams

In September we announced that we would be seeking a name for the PDS Sports teams (as well as for groups that compete in other challenges on behalf of the school).  We asked for names and received well over 100 […] 

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