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School goes wild

Graduation was on Wednesday and all the students were gone by the end of the day. And then the rains came and the leaks in Gilkeson began. An investigation of the roof indicated raccoon damage –  teeth and claw marks. […] 

Summer Drama: Powerhouse Apprentices

Nice article about two PDS students in the Poughkeepsie Journal Students to study theater at Powerhouse Hannah and Wiley, rising seniors, have been selected to participate in the Powerhouse apprentice training program at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie this summer. Read […] 

Why Teach Science?

…you don’t have to be a scientist for science to be transformative… Some years ago I had the pleasure of hearing Brian Greene explain string theory to a group at an NAIS national conference in Boston. His audience comprised a […] 

Our Hudson River

This was the culmination of a year long study, investigation and exploration of the life and history of the Hudson River. This first and second grade presented their work with a puppet show that had it all – river creatures […] 

Testing: There are Better Ways to Identify Gifted and Talented Students

It’s testing season and here’s a timely reminder that traditional testing for ability is not the last word in thinking about what makes for success. This is from a May edition of Education Week Robert J. Sternberg often writes about […] 

Blocked: Did Kindergarten Invent Modernism?

The maple wood blocks . . . are in my fingers to this day. – Frank Lloyd Wright I have recently rekindled my interest in the work of Friedrich Froebel – the educational pioneer often recognized as the inventor/ creator […] 

Kindergarten Collectors

It was part of a math number and counting project and then both kindergarten classes brought in their personal collections to share. Glass beads, shells, coins, cards, model cars, photos of India, quarters and stamps. And the stamps included this […] 

The Effort Effect: The Audacity of High Hopes

The effort effect on display at Buttercup Farm Nature Reserve, near Poughkeepsie. See below for a photo of the dam. Intelligence is not fixed. It is it is learnable and teachable. It can be changed. The way we approach learning […] 


Seeing red, going green, in a purple haze , once in a blue moon. Pictures from the first and second grade.  

American Life

The final project for the eleventh grade drama class was the stage presentation- directed by Laura Hicks – of American Life – scenes from the plays of David Auburn, Eugene O’Neill, Jane Martin and Wendy Wasserstein.  

The pH rises … Science Symposium 08

The pH rises and the bubbles stream out; pop, From the misty stream. The water running and the fish swimming wildly from the broken dam A single river peacefully and calmly Over the rock’s rage Bubbling test tubes Images of […] 


We don’t own the words of course, but it was fun to come across these words from the PDS mission statement: Poughkeepsie Day School graduates students who: Possess a rich academic knowledge base and know how to think as creative, […] 

Education’s Rock Star: Standing Room Only for Ken Robinson

It was standing room only at Radio City for Sir Ken Robinson’s keynote speech at the NAIS annual conference last week. I’ve written before (here) about his TEDTalks address on Creativity and Education that went viral in 2006. His book […] 

A Day of Ice Pellets

A day of ice pellets and time to catch up a little. And it’s been a busy season as usual. The annual Peacemaker’s assembly was a really terrific event. Planned by the high school students in Bernadette’s Civil Rights elective […] 

Social Networking and Education

“Social Networking: does it bring positive change to education?” This is one of the questions posed by The Economist magazine. Here is a link if you have a view, or if you want to understand more about the issues, or […] 

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