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The Lower School chooses Joan Miro

If you’re going to MoMA for the Van Gogh and the Colors of the Night – good luck. It’s a wonderful exhibit, of course, and very much worth the visit. But the popularity, my timing, and the rather haphazard MoMA […] 

“Suddenly there’s Poughkeepsie”

Suddenly there’s Poughkeepsie what a hard time the Hudson River has had trying to get to the sea it seemed easy enough to rise out of Tear of the Cloud and tumble and run in little skips and jumps   draining […] 

What’s next?

First  the music and the record stores closed.  And then the  books – Posman’s on Broadway, Ivy’s and too many others across Manhattan. And then it was the international news and magazine shop – Global Ink – on the corner […] 

In his Element- Ken Robinson is back

Kennneth Robinson – Sir Ken – made quite the international splash when his TEDTalk on  How schools kill creativity went viral in educational circles. He was  the keynote speaker at the NAIS national conference in March and he filled Radio […] 

False Promise: The Ersatz Language of School Reform

An article by Alfie Kohn in The Nation is a timely reminder of how language is so easily co-opted to mean quite the reverse of the usual understanding.  The polluters bring us “Clear Skies” and the armaments industry brings us […] 

21st century skills – New urgency or just another passing fad?

Lots of talk in recent years of the new essential  skills to survive in the 21st century economy. Tony Wagner’s book The Global Achievement Gap- why even our best schools don’t teach the survival skills our children need and what […] 

A wonderful life

Here’s Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi on Creativity, fulfillment and flow:    

When will I ever need to know this? Connecting learning to the real world

“What do I need to learn this algebra and geometry and math stuff for?” Connecting learning to the real world – that’s the tag line of The Futures Channel – a great educational resource.  On this page they provide a wonderful […] 

“Because it is my name….”

Because it is my name! Because I cannot have another in my life! Because I lie and sign myself to lies! Because I am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! How may I live without […] 

“Innovation is a team sport”

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” — Japanese proverb There’s brainpower in numbers.  But you don’t get there by brainstorming. Read more at NYTimes Unboxed  

“It was awesome and totally rocked!”

“It was awesome and totally rocked!” – that was the verdict of one member of the 3rd/4th grade chorus who sang at the Market Street branch of TDBanknorth in Poughkeepsie last Saturday. They were there for the official tree-lighting. They […] 

Action Now

In his talk yesterday, Bruce Judson made reference to the first 100 days of the Roosevelt administration.  As now, there was a deep financial crisis. As now, there was no one clear path to follow.  But doing nothing was not […] 

The financial storm

“Understanding the Economic Crisis in Plain English” – that was the title of the presentation for grades 7-12 today.  In his lively and most informative presentation PDS parent and trustee Bruce Judson explained the origins of the current financial crisis. […] 

The Learning Life

What do London’s Royal Albert Hall, The Football Association,  and the New Zealand Ministry of Education have in common? All three have called on the services of learning and creativity consultant Guy Claxton. He is the author of What’s The […] 

Human capital, stars aligned and the wise owls

On the way home tonight I heard Robert Reich on NPR’s Marketplace. The topic was Human Capital. The one sentence summary: Failure to invest in human capital (i.e..education) is shortsighted and counter-productive. Basic idea: Our future competitiveness and standard of […] 

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