Strategic Thinking

At the recent Board Strategic Planning session we were encouraged to think forward to the year 2020. Of course, none of us can predict that future world but it seems prudent to consider current trends and think through what we already know about the ways in which our world is changing at an ever increasing pace. 2020 is a mere thirteen years away.

What was your world like in 1994? And how have things changed since then?

We were helped in this process by Marc Frankel of Triangle Associates of St. Louis. Marc and his colleague Judith Schectman have been working with us to think through the issues we confront and how to move forward so that our students and our school may thrive in that unknown future. If you are a member of the PDS family you will receive more information in a letter from board chair Julie Stevenson and me.

Meanwhile, this cat clearly understands the importance of strategic positioning.

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