Scoundrels alive! High school play streamed to the world

April 23rd 2010 – Shakespeare’s birthday and Poughkeepsie Day School begins live streaming Diary of a Scoundrel – Alexander Ostrovsky’s cynical play about hypocrisy and the trouble with literacy! You can see it here.

Thank you David Held- for the live streaming and the videography. David assures me that it only takes half an hour or so to learn how to do it. (We’ll see about that.) But it does raise exciting possibilities for broadcasting PDS to the community.

How cool – for example – to be able to watch the kindergarten shadow puppet play live at the office. Or invite the far distant grandparents to watch the Eagle Society, the basketball game or any one of the innumerable performances and events at school.

Nothing beats being there in person, but when you just can’t make it …

Of course, with so much going on all the time, bandwidth could be an issue during the school day. We’ll just have to see.

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