Save Butterscotch Pony


  1. Carol Bahruth:

    This diabolical creature must be dismantled immediately! Every time I walk thru the Chapman room it’s eerily-lidded eyes follow me and I hear a faint, low, menacing whinny. Butterscotch, I fear, is actually the dreaded Tikbalang! Tikbalangs are said to scare travelers and lead them astray. I say, tame the Tikbalang by taking out its innards! Just sayin….

  2. Catherine Harris:

    Josie- I wish to respond to your Save Butterscotch campaign and am ready for negotiations. How unfortunate that it has come to this. Your prose certainly tugged at my heart; yet, I am not convinced of Butterscotch’s desire for freedom. On the contrary, perhaps the little pony wishes to have children and their families learn its mechanics at the Toy Take Apart– how it was designed and how it tilts its head ever so gently while creating creepy snorting sounds – there is much educational merit at stake! In that Butterscotch actually was/is my pony, here are my terms as Fall Festival Reimagined Concept and Vision Coordinator: you must secure a sufficient number of animated toys, remote control toys, etc. by November 14th, 2011 or I will find the pony. Two more things: 1) I know Butterscotch’s present whereabouts, as your images immediately gave it away (family photos in the background); and 2) Did you know that when you captured Butterscotch, you carelessly left behind its possessions (a brush, ribbon and carrot). Ha, now they are mine. I await word of incoming toys for the Toy Take Apart. If we receive an Elmo, what will you do…save him too?

  3. Carol Bahruth:

    Ok….I give in…the plight of this creature has moved me to bring in a toy for the take apart activity! Where should the ransom be delivered?

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