Baby, bathwater, freshwater

Joe Bower teaches in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. And he is on a personal mission.

His blog For the Love of Learning takes on the traditional model of education and challenges its assumptions and practices.

His latest post is a passionate call for action for educators everywhere. It opens with Ken Robinson’s latest TEDTalk (see below). It’s a follow up to his 2006 call for creativity and personalized education.

Robinson makes the case that we don’t need reform in education we need a revolution. That’s the launch for Joe’s urgent appeal for radical change.  Is Joe paying attention to what matters most?

Does he have it right?  Take a look and see what you think.

And if he is right, what must we hold on to and not change?  What do we need to stop doing or radically change? And what must we begin to do?

What is the baby? What is the bathwater? What is the needed fresh water?


  1. Thanks for the mention, Josie! Sir Ken Robinson is so fun to listen to. I am trying to get him to Red Deer next year to speak at our teachers convention. It looks promising!!

  2. That would be a real coup. He is very entertaining to listen to. And what he has to say is really important. I heard him in NYC at the NAIS Annual Conference in 2008. That said – his presentations do tend to be rehashes of what is already available online. He's a real crowd pleaser and the converted love to be re-armed.

    I guess I am increasingly skeptical about speakers who are out there on the circuit. I guess I want to know: Why haven't people listened to then online already? And what's new and what's next and what's in it for me having been there, done that.

  3. I know too many teachers who have not (and most likely will not) take the time to watch his 18 minute video unless you put them in a room and give them the time to watch and listen.

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