Publish! And democratize learning.

Interesting post from The Innovative Educator: 21st Century Educators Don’t Say, “Hand It In.” They say, “Publish It!

Read the post to hear what happened when she put out the word via Twitter and also to see her suggestions for making it happen in the classroom.

Meanwhile – here is one of the slides from a presentation by C.K. Prahalad* at the recent TEDIndia in Mysore. It’s about democratizing learning. Are these the key points? What do you think?

*C.K. Prahalad studies business and innovation around the globe — from the top to the bottom of the economic pyramid. He asks, “How do you convert information into insight, and then into action?” Learning, he says, is about inference; two people will infer different things from the same information. We can improve learning by understanding the processes that alter the way different people make inferences. …. We’re at a unique point in history — more people than ever have access to information through technology, but we must democratize learning, too. Books

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