Milestone: First PDS Cross Country Invitational


PDS Cross Country Team 2015

Such a joy to be out on the fields for the first ever PDS Cross-Country Invitational last Wednesday.

It was a peerless Fall afternoon – perhaps a little warm for the runners but perfect for the rest of us.

PDS Cross Country Team 2007

PDS Cross Country Team 2007

Congratulations to coach Quincey Mills and to all the runners.

We’ve had a Cross Country team since 2007. You can read about that here: Off and Running  But this was the first invitational on our home turf. It was years in the dreaming stage but last year the Enviro Club, Athletes and others got to work and created a lovely track on campus. Another milestone for athletics.

And take a look at that 2007 team. See a family likeness anywhere?

You can also read about the end of the 2008 season here: End of Season and Personal Bests

There are more photographs on Flickr.

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  1. Lydia:

    Great event!

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