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Student Orientation

It was the first day of school for ninth grade, fifth grade and all students new to Poughkeepsie Day School. And the buildings were buzzing. The younger children found new toys and places to play and work. And all of […] 

Mission Tag Cloud and a Mystery Text

A tag cloud is a visual presentation of text. It uses word frequency to provide a blink-worthy read of information. It communicates a great deal in a few seconds and provides an instant take. I entered the text of our […] 


Poughkeepsie Day School graduates students who: Are intellectually curious, active seekers, users and creators of knowledge Curiosity is the natural stimulus to learning and small children have it in abundance. The upturned Frisbee in the picture below is full of […] 

Global Eye-popping

Among other key attributes Poughkeepsie Day School graduates students who: Think globally with awareness and understanding of complexity and multiple perspectives That’s in our vision. But how do we pursue global perspectives and teach awareness of complexity? And just how […] 

Voice activated pencils: “The school we’d like”

A school in a giant submarine with waterproof maps of the underwater  world. Private helicopters to fly children to France for their French lessons. Voice-activated pencils. Rocket launch pads to take pupils on trips to distant planets to study the […] 

A World Lit by Shooting Stars

The exhalations whizzing in the air Give so much light that I may read by them. Julius Caesar Act 2 scene 1 The annual Perseid meteor shower was not quite that spectacular but the shooting stars were out last night […] 

The School that I’d Like

Back in 1967 – the Observer newspaper in the UK organized an opportunity for children to write on the subject: “The school that I’d like”. The results became a Penguin book edited by Edward Blishen and a collection of opinions […] 

The Moral Compass: Make a Difference and Ask: Can’t we do Better?

These are words from our mission: Poughkeepsie Day School graduates students who: Know who they are and follow their own compass with optimism and courage Lead and inspire others through example, dedication and commitment to equity and justice This is […] 

College Admissions: Which is more interesting: Gorillas or Guerrillas??

That question is one the prompts from the new Tufts University optional essay section. It’s part of its Kaleidoscope program based on the psychometric work of Robert Sternberg who is now the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences […] 

School Choice: Hogwarts or Diffendoofer?

The best parts about the Harry Potter books are all the reminders of the traditional British school story and a childhood spent haunting the children’s library. Hogwarts – like Greyfriars, St. Jim’s, Linley Court, St. Clare’s, Malory Towers and all […] 

Tom Peters: Educate for a Creative Society

He’s not as funny as Ken Robinson but here is (creative and enterprising) business guru Tom Peters on a rant about the lack of creativity in schools. One piece of advice for employers: Never hire anyone with a 4.0 […] 


This July marks the ninetieth anniversary of the start of third Ypres – better known as the battle of Passchendaele . It was an offensive designed to break out of the stalemate of the salient – the bump in the […] 

Teachers at Work: Making Eyes Shine

Is classical music dead? Or does everyone love classical music? Does it matter what we say? What does it mean to play the piano with one buttock? Is anyone actually tone deaf? What is success? Can your life be transformed? […] 

Three Questions

Marc Prensky is a New Yorker but here he is in Auckland, New Zealand giving a keynote address at the 2007 Leading Edge Conference for educators. Marc has lots to say about 21st century students and how it might be […] 

Summer School

The morning glories and lilies are in bloom in the courtyard garden. The thistles bloom at the edge of the woods where the blackberries are ripening. The soccer pitch is silent and no-one is cheering from the bench. The flag […] 

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