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Two Cheers for Diversity and the Unfinished Work of America: Stronger Together

The NAIS Annual People Of Color Conference opens this week in Atlanta. It will draw independent educators from across the country. They will gather in groups small and large; renew friendships and make new connections; listen to speakers and attend, participate in, […] 

From Rage And Grief To Action: What We Need To Do Now

Guest Post by Susan Scheid Writing in the Washington Post today, Fareed Zakaria weighs in once again, as many already have, on “what went wrong.” His solution? “Democrats need to focus on the gut, not the head.” Zakaria is often […] 

The Great Unleaving: When Life Throws Rhubarb on your Custard

I left full-time employment at the end of June with a grand plan of doing nothing. After 45 years in education it seemed only reasonable. The send-off was great, people were kind and generous and the summer was ahead. I […] 

Breaking News: USA Today Did NOT Break the Trump Lawsuit Story. Here’s Who Did.

On November 25, 2016, the New York Times Editorial Board issued a blistering editorial entitled “Donald Trump and the Lawsuit Presidency.” With sabers raised, amid thundering hooves, the editorial proclaimed: Donald Trump will take office as president facing a tsunami […] 

Degenerate Art and the New Regime in Washington

There’s a great exhibit on at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC:  Max Beckmann in New York It highlights Max Beckmann (1884–1950) connections with New York City and includes works from his time living in New York as well as […] 

Pandora and Her New Box

This 1809 cartoon by the political caricaturist James Gillray is in the National Portrait Gallery. London. It is entitled Pandora Opening her Box. It depicts spokesperson Kellyanne Conway letting loose all the evils of the world as proposed by the […] 

Stronger Together

On #VeteransDay #ArmisticeDay #RemembranceDay it is wise to reflect on what we fought and defeated in WW2. Trumpism is what we defeated then and must now defeat again.  

Leadership, Problem-Solving, Compassion and Empathy

As Donald Trump spirals deeper into madness and depravity the toll on the collective psyche just grows. Fortunately help is at hand in the form of the example of Hillary Clinton who recently demonstrated her tremendous problem-solving and self-calming abilities. […] 

The Frog Wars Have Begun #ImWithKer

And then of course there’s #FeelTheKerm Kermit and Joey Say the Alphabet  

An Election Season Briefing: Cultivating Optimism as a Habit of Mind

Earlier today, a friend posted on Facebook an article by Charlie Pierce, “This Thing Is Nowhere Near Over,” which sent me down a trail of my own thoughts about where this election is headed, and needs to head, right now. […] 

Perfect for the Fall: Tuscan Tomato Soup: Pappa al Pomodoro

It’s the first day of Fall and here’s the perfect dish – pappa al pomodoro. And it’s simple to make. Tomatoes are still abundant, tasty and fresh and the frost has not bitten the basil yet. While you are at it […] 

The Poison of Projectile Politics

You’ve heard of projectile vomiting. It’s when vomit exits the mouth with such force that it is propelled over a short but significant distance. It’s not a pleasant topic but then neither are presidential politics right now. I’m certainly not the only one […] 

Why Newsweek’s story on Trump’s worldwide financial dealings is THE story of this election, and how to give it legs

As I know a number of us are, I’m concerned not only by the lack of media coverage of the Newsweek story, “How the Trump Organization’s Foreign Business Ties Could Upend U.S. National Security,” but also by how little interest […] 

The Double-Down False Equivalency of the Eviscerated Dog Whistle Pivot

Every election cycle has its themes and a language all its own. Words and phrases rise up to capture the attention of the moment. Here are a few from this season. Doubling Down This comes from the world of gambling […] 

In Celebration of Labor Day

In celebration of Labor Day: It’s Steel Workers 1939 by Philo B Ruggles and his brother John Ruggles, a study for an unrealized mural for the Post Office in Bridgeport, Ohio. It’s part of the current exhibit Celebrating Heroes: American Mural […] 

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