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IMG_3883We had some glorious fall days last week (as well as some much-needed rain).  It was perfect weather for the soccer and cross-country teams. I took advantage of the sunshine to visit the lower school at recess. Plans were being made, plots hatched, games created and imagination extended. And plenty of opportunity to run, slide, chase, ride, jump, swing, hang and hide.


Meanwhile ninth grade biology class was out doing field research –  sampling for aquatic life – at Sunset Lake. A perfect day for wading in the mud.

The high school Street Art class was out on the tarmac between Kenyon and Gilkeson and later Wayne’s middle school art class was working on the Kenyon porch.

And then – while consulting with the high school Maker team on how to make a corner of Chapman into a more user-friendly and attractive make-play-and-tinker learning zone – I was invited into fifth grade.

They were working with Makey-Makey turning everyday objects into touchpads and combining them with the internet. It seemed to involve slices of cucumbers, celery and grape tomatoes. Excitement and hilarity ensued. Check out the slideshow below for pics.


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