Our Hudson River

This was the culmination of a year long study, investigation and exploration of the life and history of the Hudson River. This first and second grade presented their work with a puppet show that had it all – river creatures great and small, river people famous and unknown – birds, fish, ice-boats, the lighthouse, tugs, PCBs, pirates and singing with Bindlestick Bill.

Each child had an area of expertise. They had learned from each other and from their teachers in the classroom, in the library and on field trips to the river. And they know a lot! And they also know how each piece weaves together, and flows and connects. The performance, presentation and display of work was a fascinating glimpse into the life of creative classroom in all its richness and intellectual depth and breadth.

The appreciative audience saw their work on display: science, art, history, writing, reading, music and performance.

The cameras were out.

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