New Recycling System Open for Business

IMG_8807The high school Enviro Club reports that the new recycling facility has been rolled out and is ready to use in Gilkeson! Faculty advisor Brent Boscarino reports:

I’m super proud of everyone who contributed to it- Li and her students are really to thank for the design of the central “cool bin”- it is truly cool and major props to the HS Enviro Club for the planning of the project and collection of bottles, etc.!

It’s not just the bin. It’s part of a bigger picture of ongoing thinking and work in progress. There’s a whole plan for how it will work –  including through the summer months. Check out the construction – when you have a chance to see it and talk to students in the Enviro Club for all the details about the system.

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Thanks Brent, Li and Kristen for helping students get this project up and running, for the building the bin and for for all the important  and ongoing work. Now it’s up to all of us to get with the program and put this system to work.

Many thanks to all involved. This is a terrific and much needed addition.

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