My camera and me

It’s no secret – I like to carry my camera around school and take photographs.

I am endlessly fascinated by kids and what they are up to and how they go about learning and the choices they make. I’ve now got thousands of photographs of life at Poughkeepsie Day School going back five years. And most of them are available on our Flickr site in a somewhat orderly way.

My latest interest is recording the different ways we are all using the Chapman Room. Since the renovation in the summer of 2010 it has become something of a blank slate for community activity.

Sometimes I get some compliments on pics I’ve taken. But truth is, the quality of my photographs is a rather scattershot and random process. I am not a photographer.( I have a nice camera and I try point and shoot in the right direction. And that’s it). But I am heartened by the words of someone who is. On his website Adam DePaz writes:

I always say that it doesn’t matter what camera you have, just keep up the good intentions and you’ll get the results you’re after.

Adam gets great results and I’m encouraged by that emphasis on good intentions. So – if ever I take or publish a picture of you that you truly do not like – just let me know and away it goes into the dustbin of history.

Meanwhile I have been experimenting with the panorama feature on my phone and here are a few examples.

Compasses made at the All-School Activity September 2011

The Dining Room at 4th-8th grade lunch

The Chapman Room ready for lower School Curriculum Evening

Student Self-Portraits

Innisfree Garden in early Fall


  1. Carol Bahruth:

    Great photos!

  2. I love your pictures and the essence of PDS that you capture. Gillian (’98) was married at Innisfree so it’s one of my favorite places around here.

  3. Jenn Jordan:

    Great shots!! Thanks for always documenting what’s going on.

  4. @Jenn Thanks.
    @Shirley – If you love Innisfree then you might enjoy this post at Prufrock’s Dilemma:

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