“Life on Earth” – an amazing multi-media musical

I had the great pleasure of attending Life on Earth – a student written, multi-media and very original musical by the students in a central studies elective. The script was impressive – witty, pointed and poignant. The modern day Olympians – from Dr. Freud and Robin Hood to Miss America, from Wonder Woman and Bacchus to Ben Franklin and all those in between – were appropriately muddled and meddlesome. The earthling citizens hapless and hopeless. (Dr. Freely is an inspired creation and her media presence right on target.) A creative, clever cast of very distinct characters played with verve, and, best of all – everyone seemed to be having a whale of a time.

There were many great lines, contemporary references, terrific performances and moments of comedy, melodrama, slapstick and tragedy. (A personal favorite: the memory-impaired grandmother who remembers Phoebe’s birthday while the self-obsessed and over-scheduled parents need a lesson in familiy values.) But love conquers all, and, with or without the help from mighty Olympus, all ends happily in true musical tradition.

And so – to the writers, producers, directors, cast, crew and musicians: Thank you for this… great evening at the theater. An impressive theatrical feat. I hope everyone is feeling that great glow of a job well done, a unique production created, and an audience made happy.

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