Keep Calm and Carry On

In a time of crisis and turmoil it is sometimes valuable to turn to the past for reassurance. So:

worse things happen at sea
– we’re in it together
– nobody died
– we all have to do our bit
– if it’s got your number on it
– keep smiling through
– and – that great bromide and cure-all for problems big and small –– never mind, put the kettle on for a nice cup of tea

And remember – some things are always valuable and a world class education is one of them. So let’s concentrate on what matters – our children, their future. And that of course means our future too.

And remember – as my mother always said- worse things happened in the blitz. And google took off as the bubble burst.

(We did consider suspending school so we could focus on Wall Street and Washington but decided that education need not grind to a standstill. Education, like democracy, requires active engagement. Being there, showing up and getting into things matters.)

Drink your tea before it gets cold.

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