“I am not a scientist”

20358443041_67a4583765_oI’m tired of the weasel-worded politicians who trot out “I am not a scientist” when asked a rational question that has the potential to challenge a deeply held, irrational, ignorant ideology.

When the threat of  a shred of reality, logic, facts, knowledge, evidence, truth, common sense, intelligence or science looms they trot out that lame and deeply ignorant deflection.

What they are actually saying is “I am not a scientist. I am incapable of listening to – and learning from – science and scientists. I am therefore unfit to run for office.”

But – more to the point – I like to think that all students at PDS are  scientists and science literate. With good science work happening in every division I  hope they think that too.

In the high school students are engaged in a number of great Citizen Science projects conducting research that contributes to the collective knowledge base.

The Invasive Species Research Group recently returned  from Seneca Lake, NY where they were conducting a study of Hemimysis anomal –  a species of bloody red shrimp. Led by science teacher Brent Boscarino this is  one of only three groups to receive funding by the Great Lakes Research Consortium.

Through the Energetic Ray Global Observatory, Jonathan Heiles’s wave physics class has embarked on a pioneering project collaborating with people all over the globe to build the world’s largest telescope.

You can read more about both of these exciting projects in the upcoming Compass magazine.

Meanwhile – suffice it to say: All PDS students are scientists and we are very happy about that.

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  1. David Held:

    Here.Here. And all students are artists, after all there isn’t much difference between artist and scientist.

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