Human capital, stars aligned and the wise owls

On the way home tonight I heard Robert Reich on NPR’s Marketplace. The topic was Human Capital. The one sentence summary: Failure to invest in human capital ( is shortsighted and counter-productive.

Basic idea: Our future competitiveness and standard of living depend on our collective skills, capacity to communicate and solve problems, and innovate. They do not depend on our ability to borrow money. It’s our human capital that’s in short supply.

Meanwhile the stars – or more precisely the Moon, Venus and Jupiter – have been aligned in celestial beauty.   Did you look at the sky these last few evenings?  Imagine living in a world lit by firelight/ starlight or shooting stars.

I had read about the alignment in the NYTimes but was reminded by Jonathan who, on Monday, gave one of his regular astronomy updates at the high school morning meeting. The celestial trio was still on display again tonight – to the south west, over the trees beyond the soccer pitch.

And here are the wise owls –  painted by the lower school and on display in  the dining room.

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