HSSSE 2: “The shape of these bubbles is oppressive.”

This is the second post reporting on the results of the survey we administered at PDS  last spring: The High School Survey of Student Engagement.

The HSSSE has 34 main questions across key dimensions of school life and many are broken out in subsets making for many scores of questions in total. Number 35 allows a few lines and asks:

Would you like to say more about any of your answers to these survey questions?

Before reporting further on the  the data in the detailed PDS HSSSE report, here are the 12 of the 13 anecdotal responses that our students added last spring. (Number 7 is edited out not because it was in any way negative – it was neutral – but because it is possibly revealing of authorship.)

Obs Q35a_resp


One or two questions are difficult to answer for ethnically diverse people.


In regards to working (getting a job), I would very much like to, and put in applications often.


I enjoy school and appreciate it. I really like my teachers and peers as well. But I feel like I’m ready to pursue my goal to become a filmmaker. I feel ready to create on my own.


This school is filled with people that want to learn, each and every person at PDS tries the hardest they can and work to their fullest


The shape of these bubbles is oppressive. I would prefer if the SAT bubbles were used instead.


I love my school.



This survey asks a poor choice of questions due to the fact that I might enjoy something in one area and not in another so my answer choices weren’t great, also a lot of these things don’t apply in my school


No, I think I’m all set.


This is too long!@


My School Rocks!


Absolutely Not.


My school is a progressive independent school so many of the questions don’t apply. I am an openly gay student.

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