High School Madness

Too Busy to Eat, Students Get a New Required Course: Lunch
Did you read this article from today’s New York Times? It’s about high school students and their overpacked schedules?
What were your reactions?

Worth keeping in mind when you get a chance to review the new high school schedule for PDS students. Time is the coin of the realm in schools and a day and a week only have so many hours. How to pack everything in? What is the right balance between and amongst academics, the arts, exercise, eating and all the rest of it? Not to mention – dare we say it – discretionary time and down time. Let’s not forget athletics, community service, clubs, community building, friendship and fun. And what about choice, flexibility and test prep?

How does a school go about the process of making the choices about the overall quality of life for its students? What are the compromises and what principles should drive the decisions?

If you start with our vision of a PDS graduate – how do we use time to accomplish that mission?

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