Go PDS …? The Search for a Name for our Teams

In September we announced that we would be seeking a name for the PDS Sports teams (as well as for groups that compete in other challenges on behalf of the school).  We asked for names and received well over 100 different name ideas from students, teachers, alumni, trustees and parents. We posted it on the PDS Facebook page and gathered some additional suggestions from fans. The list was wild – everything from the PDS Garden Gnomes to the PDS Stephen T. Colberts and everything in between.

Athletic Director Joan Matheis and I met with the  captains of the varsity teams.  Our task was to come up with a shortlist of possible names all of which were acceptable to the whole group. We wanted a name that honors and respects our team athletes, represents the school well and is not primarily associated with a major league team. That eliminated many great names.

The team captains winnowed names down to a short list, all of which they felt met the criteria and all of which were acceptable to all of them were it to be chosen.

So – here – in alphabetical order – are the final four:

The PDS  Coyotes

The PDS Dragons

The PDS Eclipse

The PDS Navigators

Great choices.

And with great potential for slogans and mascots.

The students prek-12th grade – will make the final decision in a vote this week. But – if you would like to “vote” and join the debate go the PDS Facebook page and join in the fun.

The students’ decision will be announced on Friday.


  1. Susan Scheid:

    My vote shouldn’t count for too much, but, of the four, the PDS Navigators is the one that seems to best fit PDS’s logo (the compass), and the “many minds, one world” message. PDS students are well positioned, after all, to become navigators in the world at large: goodness knows, we are going to need good navigators in the years ahead, so why not start right now with the sports team title!

  2. John G:

    Personally I like the Eclipse. Force of nature! But whatever the kids pick should be the decider. Navigators works well because of the compass logo. And also – who wouldn’t want their kids to be setting the direction? In Athletics as well as everything else!

    • Sarah:

      Heard Navigators won in the all-school election. I wanted Dragons because they are mythical and they breathe fire but I didn’t get to vote. What a classy bunch of kids! Proud of them for going with something unique. Go PDS! Always going its own way.

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