Giving Thanks

So many things to be thankful for.

PDS gave traditional Thanksgiving thanks at the all-school celebration on Tuesday. Groups gathered to eat, hear a story and re-connect. Older students from the high school led the way – served the food, read the story and then brought everyone together in the JEJ theater a for a poem by Langston Hughes and a moment of silent thankfulness.

This was also the end point of this phase of the ongoing food drive in support of the Queens Galley and food pantry in Kingston. Emma one of the organizers from the high school – helped everyone understand the purpose for this specific food drive.

Ken McGloin and Sidereal led us in the traditional PDS Thanksgiving song. It was written by students for an original musical some years ago – a most meaningful expression of all there is to be thankful for. Students sat in their mixed grade groups and we were joined by alumni who came back to say hello and be a part of it.

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