Give Joy a Chance: An 11-Step Program

It’s the 21st century. So what happens when we shut children down and disconnect them from wonder, creativity, curiosity and natural love of learning?

The disengagement that is epidemic in high school starts much earlier. And if we actually believe in that cliche about the importance of lifetime learning then it must take joyful root in school. And when it does not, it should be a cause for alarm. For more on the disease see School Epidemic.

So what can schools do to make sure education and school are more of a joyful experience for more children? If the disease is disengagement and drudgery, boredom and failure here is a prescription for the cure – the headlines from an excellent article by Stephen Wolk in the latest Educational Leadership from ASCD

JOY 1: Find the Pleasure in Learning

JOY 2: Give Students Choice

JOY3: Let Students Create Things

JOY 4: Show Off Student Work

JOY 5: Take Time to Tinker

JOY 6: Make School Spaces Inviting

JOY 7: Get Outside

JOY 8: Read Good Books

JOY 9: Offer More Gym and Arts Classes

JOY 10: Transform Assessment

JOY 11: Have Some Fun Together

Teaching As a Joyful Experience

There’s more on each of these at Joy at School

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