Finland and Education Success

A video from BBC News about the world’s latest favorite education destination: Finland

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  1. D J Morrison:

    We need this new thinking here in the UK in many aeas of our life, education being the best place to start. Trust in those who teach, in our professions,needs to be brought back to replace the massive burden of “quality assurance” that diverts time and denies properly informed individual direction sensitive to local needs, quality rather than quantity, honest professional objectives and processes rather than achieving targets which dictate and skew inputs and outputs. It is endemic to a society that favours competition relying on making each individual feel insecure.That is no society. It is a society that knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. Instead we need schools that teach, through their education and own processes, trust, creativity, valuing and using differences and cooperation.Only in that way we will build a happier society. It is good to see examples in Finland and hope that schools like PDS will remain able to pursue such objectives.

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