Feather of lead, bright smoke

PC140502It happened before the winter break but it would be negligent not to post on the topic of the enthralling Romeo and Juliet on stage in the JEJ Theater in December.

And enthralling it was. The excellent cast – who all seemed to be having a wonderful time – had been studying, preparing and rehearsing all term and their knowledge of the play shone through. The stage business was smooth, the costumes terrific and the stage set dramatic – with a Veronese balcony, an Italianate checkered tile floor and stained glass. The production had humor. The sword play was convincing. Everything was in place for the crowning showpiece – the poetry. This was the most exciting aspect of the production. These young actors knew their lines and spoke them was confidence and ease. As if iambic pentameter were their daily language they carried the plot, conveyed the meaning, and moved the hearts of their appreciative audience.

All credit to this fine cast and its directors. Thank-you. It was a great evening of theater.

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