Did you grow up with Mister Rogers?

Tragic Events

In times of community or world-wide crisis, it’s easy to assume that young children don’t know what’s going on. But one thing’s for sure — children are very sensitive to how their parents feel. They’re keenly aware of the expressions on their parents’ faces and the tone of their voices. Children can sense when their parents are really worried, whether they’re watching the news or talking about it with others. No matter what children know about a “crisis,” it’s especially scary for children to realize that their parents are scared.
– See more at: http://www.fredrogers.org/parents/special-challenges/tragic-events.php#sthash.hIEPuOgn.dpuf

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Seems like a pretty good set of life lessons. Created for pre-schoolers but appropriate for all ages.

Today would have been his 83rd birthday.

Here he is defending PBS to the US Senate in 1969:
(“Feelings are mentionable and manageable”)

And On Being Yourself:

And on Learning:

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