Detecting Tommyrot, Bunkum and Codswallop

When dealing with bunkum like the unsubstantiated and most unlikely claim of the 14,000 parachuted cats it would be good to have a handy little tool like the Quackometer.

This tool provides an instant service for checking a website for obvious signs of fraud, quackery and pseudoscience. (I tested this site – my personal quack report below.* Clean (duck) bill of health not very surprising as the Quackometer is geared toward detecting fraudulent health sites and medical quackery not random musings on education and school.)

In the absence of reliable means and tools for bunkum detection we shall just have to do what Postman and Weingarten suggested years ago and keep developing our own.

*Web site titled ‘The Compass Point

The black duck says…

This web site looks OK – but keep your guard up and don’t rely on the black duck to spot all quackery!

This site has a has a currently measurable quackery content of 0 Canards

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