Defying Gravity

We’ve had a wonderful spring season in Athletics this year with all three sports going into post-season. All the teams and coaches have played their hearts out and it’s been wonderful to see their efforts and teamwork pay off with such success. Congratulations to all.

The ball field – now it its second season – really feels like a home field and when you are there at the game it feels like you are on top of the world. It really is magnificent. And then there were the hot dogs …!

If you have ever been to an Ultimate Frisbee game then you will have seen players defy gravity.

Watch these few seconds from the semi-final game with Marvelwood.

And then on Tuesday the team clinched the championship. Here is a video of the final moments of the game.

Many thanks Alberto Aresi for the video and to Johan Hedlund and Feza Oktay for the photos in the slideshow below.

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