College Information Evening

We had a well-attended college information evening for ninth and tenth grade families last week. Ninth and tenth grade is not time to focus on college but it is time to be assured that “It’s not time to worry yet”. The early years of high school are about focusing on getting involved with academics and all the other aspects of school life; about developing strengths and following passionate interests. When the time comes to shift the process into high gear the school is there to help make it as smooth as possible.

The college process begins in earnest in mid eleventh grade and it struck me that our students have some incomparable advantages. They include:

  1. The academic program is rigorous and rich with requirements and options. The program manages to allow for well rounded students with well-developed angles. Well rounded because their are not forced into narrow choice lanes. Our artists are athletes and our athletes are community leaders and our leaders are scholars. Well-angled because they also have the opportunity to channel their focus and develop their passion into expertise.
  2. The attentive support of a deep bench of college counselors.When the time comes to explore college options students, and their parents, havea college team on their side  led by Don Fried. His decades of experience provides a depth of knowledge with a contemporary perspective. With so many excellent colleges and college programs out there finding the right match is important. That’s where experience comes in. One size does not fit all and our students are supported in their search for the options that are right for them. Our carefully designed process is there to support them on that journey of exploration and application.
  3. Students graduate known for who they are as individuals on a unique journey. The college recommendation that goes with the application comes from a school that knows each and every one of its students well and can speak positively about unique strengths and aptitudes.
  4. Colleges want our graduates. Our students know what it means to work hard at a very high level.  Our students understand what it means to belong to a community.  Responsibility, integrity and mutual respect are what we expect and take for granted. Colleges seek to admit strong students who are independent thinkers  mature enough to involve themselves responsibly in college community life.

Photo: Alejandro Escamilla

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