Choreolab North

Last Friday’s Choreolab concert of ten original dances was the culmination of a central studies (CS) elective.

Choreolab started at The Walden School in the 1980’s and was further developed as a student-led and directed experience by the work of Laurie Roth and Kirstin Been Spielman at Trevor Day School in New York City where the annual dance extravaganza is a highpoint of the school year.

Our CS teacher/ dancer/ choreographer -Jessie Levey – performed in those original Choreolabs as a student in NYC.

This spring she brought the Choreolab experience to PDS and it was glorious.

Movement, music, meaning – my camera was not fast enough to capture many sharp images.These photographs give a glimpse of the concert that included dances performed and choreographed by PDS students, Shirley’s Scottish dancers and guest artists from the Barefoot Dance Center.

Some people dance to think and they tell their stories in movement. These were great stories.

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