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Mourning A True Friend and Champion

Poughkeepsie Day School lost a true friend and champion on June 23rd with the death of trustee Valery Einhorn. Below are the remarks I made at her memorial service at the invitation of the Einhorn family. I spoke on behalf […] 

The Compass Point – Time to Re-Wire, Time to Re-Name

Those ever-attentive to such details may have noticed that this blog has a new title. Sort of. I started this blog when I became head of school. At that time I rather foolishly assumed that it would have a small […] 

Are you racist? Why ‘No’ is not a good enough answer

Marlon James is author of the 2015 Man Booker prize-winning novel  Brief History of Seven Killings. In this short video via The Guardian he makes the case that being non-racist may allow us a clear conscience about our personal conduct but […] 

My PDS Challenge: Those 10 Ten Most Important Skills and How They Are Learned

Disruptive changes to business models will have a profound impact on the employment landscape over the coming years. Many of the major drivers of transformation currently affecting global industries are expected to have a significant impact on jobs, ranging from […] 

Finding the Heart of Progressive Education

Finding the Heart of a Progressive Education What follows is the text of the article recently published by Hudson Valley Magazine Q&A with Josie Holford​, Head of School, Poughkeepsie Day School How does the no testing/no grading philosophy work? The […] 

Everyone Can Be a Maker These Days

Common Sense Media announced a new report, based on a survey with 2600 tweens and teens, that they say depicts the current state of media usage in the United States. Among their findings are several which are likely troubling to […] 

Light Blue Touch-Paper

Growing up in the UK in a certain era meant that you got to play with fireworks. I have no issue with the safety restrictions now in place but I am glad they came after my time. All the weeks […] 

White Smoke! The future is announced

Last fall I informed the president of the board of trustees that 2015-16 would be my last year at Poughkeepsie Day School. Today Amanda Thornton, the president of the board of trustees, announced the new head of school.  Please read that […] 

I am not a fan of Halloween

I am not a fan of Halloween. There – I’ve said it! What a killjoy, spoil sport, and miserable curmudgeon! Ok – to explain: First – It’s not a part of my childhood tradition. My personal mental furniture of memory for […] 

Discovery and Uncovery

We all love to rumble on about lifelong learning . But how does that happen when learning is presented as a series of predefined steps and stages that learners must master and hurdle – the endless hamster wheel of material, […] 

Milestone: First PDS Cross Country Invitational

Such a joy to be out on the fields for the first ever PDS Cross-Country Invitational last Wednesday. It was a peerless Fall afternoon – perhaps a little warm for the runners but perfect for the rest of us. Congratulations […] 

Out and About

We had some glorious fall days last week (as well as some much-needed rain).  It was perfect weather for the soccer and cross-country teams. I took advantage of the sunshine to visit the lower school at recess. Plans were being made, […] 

A Portrait of Us

Building community means getting to know each other. And that means time. Last week we had the first ASA (all-school-activity) of the year and it was a lot of fun. This year the faculty have divided up the activities for […] 

Art is Messy, Team Building is Fun

Great to see these video tweets yesterday. Thanks Jenn and Jill. Making art is messy! @PoughkeepsieDay — Jennifer Jordan (@artteacherjenn) September 16, 2015 "Air Lock" at the middle school cooperative field day today! @PoughkeepsieDay — Jill Walsh (@JillDoesPE) […] 

One Week Down

The first week and the exhilaration and energy are like a tide that sweep you along. But those lazier days of summer have left you unused to the sheer adrenalin surge and when the Welcome Picnic finally winds down with […] 

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