Before Endeavors Melt

It’s been a cold winter here in the Hudson Valley.  Poughkeepsie records only go back to 1949  but this February was the coldest with a whopping 12.7 degrees below average temperature.  And then March came in like the proverbial lion breaking another record with -2 degrees F in the first week.

And then there was the above average snowfall.

With temperatures moderating this week it feels positively balmy.

And so – that snow pack will melt. It’s almost mud-time. But not quite. There’s still time for a few more recess times in the snow and the new athletic field created just the thing for sledding.

So – a few pics of kids having a grand time taking advantage of the season on the field behind Kenyon.


  1. Ethan Martin:

    Yes, It has been a very cold and long winter. I was trying to get out of my house yesterday, and my stairs were my slide!

  2. Cole Turner:

    Hey Josie,
    I really enjoyed all of these comical pictures of kids sledding. I’m actually shocked that the temperature has fallen so low this year, I hope to hear more soon.

  3. Great post! Really looking forward to Spring, and the end of winter.

  4. Alex:

    Hi Josie,
    Nice post! I agree, sledding was very fun. This is a great activity for middle school students during the cold recesses. In these past few days it’s been getting warmer.

  5. Henry Mosto:

    Hey Josie
    I like this entry because it has great fun pictures. It has a very nice introduction and its been such a long cold winter!

  6. lilly:

    Nice post! ! I wish I went sledding when I had the chance.

  7. Adrienne:

    It really has been a cold winter. I didn’t go sledding at school, but I sure did have fun at my house. Maybe I’ll try sledding at school in the next few days before the snow all melts! Everyone in the pictures looked like they had a ton of fun.

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