Becoming Citizens of the World

IMG_6590NAIS is working on a PGP (Principles of Good Practice) for Global Citizenship.

Here is a draft. They are seeking feedback, questions and responses as they work toward a final version to be added to their other PGPs.

Twenty-first century independent schools shape student experiences in ways that encourage global awareness and instill a compassionate, respectful understanding of other peoples and cultures. NAIS encourages all schools to adopt the following principles:

1. The school presents a view of the world that invites curiosity about the richness and diversity of human societies and encourages respect for the humanity of all peoples.

2. The school develops curriculum at all age levels to help students understand the similarities linking societies, while gaining an awareness of the contrasts of life experiences, culture, and history that can lead to different, but not necessarily less valid, views and values than their own.

3. The school assesses programming towards the end of enriching global understanding via a multiplicity of perspectives and resources that leap national and cultural boundaries, especially in the teaching of foreign languages and culture, geography, world history, the arts and media literacy.

4. The school’s staff and students model respect for other peoples and cultures and address any words or actions that express bias, disdain, or hatred toward other nationalities, religions, or cultures.

5. The school will seek out partnerships and networks that can aid them in developing global awareness for both students and faculty.

6. The school will incorporate parents in the support of school initiatives that encourage global understanding and a respect for all people.

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