Ancient and Modern: Αρχαίος και σύγχρονος

Friday evening was Greek Fest time for the fifth and sixth grades – the full costume culmination of an intensive humanities study that encompassed history, literature, and art.
Η Παρασκευή βράδυ ήταν ελληνικός χρόνος Fest για τις πέμπτες και έκτες τάξεις – το πλήρες αποκορύφωμα κοστουμιών μιας εντατικής μελέτης ανθρωποτήτων που κάλυψε την ιστορία, τη λογοτεχνία, και την τέχνη.

The dining room was transformed and so were its occupants – students, , parents, faculty and friends to Olympian gods, Spartan warriors and Athenian thinkers. It was an evening of poetry, food, music, dancing, information, friends and fancy dress.

And if Shakespeare can put a clock in the ancient Rome of Julius Caesar – PDS can have a clock in its Athenian agora.

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