An Education President for the 21st Century

The next president needs to be multi-dimensional, addressing issues that extend far beyond the classroom, but which are critically connected to a strong education framework.

It’s election season and the new issue of Independent School magazine is out.

Here is NAIS president Pat Bassett’s on The Politics of Learning – an open letter to the next president.

…to equip children effectively with the skills and values they need to be successful 21st-century global citizens and contributors to the economy and their communities, it’s time … to rethink (the) approach to K–12 education. One quality of all schools is that they should be well resourced. Beyond that, education needs to be a customized — rather than assembly-line — experience, and parents need to be empowered with school options and engaged in their child’s educational life. more

What’s your view? Is Pat right ? What would you want the new president to do about education?

And there’s a second open letter by William Damon Education and the Path to Purpose

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