Advice from Jules Feiffer

Work hard at what you are passionate about.
Read lots of books.

There was more, but that was how Mr. Feiffer opened his talk last Thursday. What a treat to hear him talk about his creative process and answer questions – mostly from children- about his life and work.

How did he get started? Well – by telling bedtime stories to a daughter who was not satisfied with repeats and who wanted something new every night. So – he started to make them up Scheherazada style. And we are all grateful that he did.

Jules Feiffer was at the PDS Book fair last week signing books and dispensing genial wit and wisdom. Thank-you Mr. Feiffer, the art department and the PA for the food, the wise owls and for all the books.

Mr. Feiffer’s latest book is Explainers- the complete Village Voice cartoon strips from 1956-66. Here’s one from March 4th, 1965 – one of many with wry commentary on the world of children, learning and schools. (Click the cartoon to enlarge.)

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