10 ways to boost job satisfaction: Resolutions for teache

There’s never a shortage of advice for teachers. And because everyone went to school  – everyone is an expert on education and  ready to offload opinions – good, bad and indifferent.  Handwringing about how much better things used to be is a popular pastime – completely ignoring the fact that – to use the tag from Disrupting Class – disruptive innovation is changing the way the world learns.

Here’s something middle school head George Swain found recently and shared with middle school faculty:

The Apple, a Web site “Where Teachers Meet and Learn,” is an ongoing source of information, communication, and inspiration for teachers. Among the resources at www.theapple.com are news, lessons, videos, as well as “Ask a Teacher” and “In the Workplace” forums. Recently, the site posted these 10 ways for teachers to boost their job satisfaction and effectiveness in the classroom.

  • Resolution No. 1: I will learn a new technology to enhance my teaching.
  • Resolution No. 2: I will not teach my lessons the same way I did last year.
  • Resolution No. 3: I will only take papers or lesson planning home with me on designated weeknights. I will leave some nights and weekends just to enjoy my personal life free from schoolwork.
  • Resolution No. 4: I will collaborate more with colleagues in my school and in other schools around the world.
  • Resolution No. 5: I will not eat my lunch alone in my room every day.
  • Resolution No. 6: I will give every student a clean slate, regardless of what other students, parents, or school staff have told me.
  • Resolution No. 7: I will be a positive light—even if I’m surrounded in negativity.
  • Resolution No. 8: I will try to improve my school, not just my class.
  • Resolution No. 9: I will do my best to provide for my students.
  • Resolution No. 10: I will learn at least one new skill this year outside my comfort zone.

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